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Hello, My name is Luke and I was diagnosed with MS two years ago.
During my 1st year I was asked to participate in a double blind clinical trial which I, at the time thought was a great idea,
this involved regular M.r.i scans and interviews with doctors who did not know me or my case.

At first I was excited about being involved in helping to further research,
however over time I developed a fear of the MRI machine and the results the interviews may or may not hold,
After a while I found that experience created a feeling of great anxiety for me.

I have been asked to continue my participation in this trial and possibly others afterward,
for obvious reasons i do wish to see research furthered in this field,
However I am wondering if I should given that it seems to create anxiety for me.

What i would like to ask is,

Has anybody else experienced something like this?

How did you manage your anxiety in these situations?